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'No matter what you do for work, your life will improve if you learn to write'

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We all write, but for different platforms and reasons. Writing is the best form of expression and if you have as little as a life filled with ideas, experiences, emotions and dreams then you can be a writer.

If someone took a peek into your mind, they would find ideas that have the potential to shape culture and influence a generation——but If you don't write, you deny others the beauty of your perspective and no one may get to see the canon inside of you.

Writing crystallizes ideas in ways thinking on its own will never accomplish.

There is a profound beauty in your thoughts and experiences and I believe writing is the best way to unleash it. Clear writing is clear thinking and clear thinking is better living.


A month ago, I started an experiment to write an article every day for two weeks and that attempt has changed my life. I'm not yet an expert but I believe the fastest way to learn is to do it with others.

So every week, I'll be compressing the best writing tips on the internet along with my process, to help you and I become better writers.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou

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Everyone’s a writer. Including you, so don’t hesitate.

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