On Taking the Next Step...

Come for the Newsletter, Stay for the Experience

Hey friend! I have a huge announcement.

In May 2020, I was frustrated with my life. In a world where everyone appeared to be a guru, I felt inadequate because I didn’t have a particular skill I was really good at. Prior to that time, I had attempted multiple things from coding to modelling to music production and found a breakthrough in none.

But that all changed when I decided to try and write every day for two weeks. In that time, I published 11 short articles in 14 days and that was the beginning of my internet journey. Since then I have started a newsletter, found a community on Twitter, gotten paid to write for a tech startup, left the job I hated and found love (haha just joking). I truly believe that when taken seriously, writing can change your life and affect the lives of others as well.

So my goal has transformed from just sharing stuff online to now helping you build your personal confidence as a writer, improve your writing skills and publish frequently.

And if you truly want to improve your writing and influence the world in the process together, then this is for you. Take the next step, become a paid subscriber for 5$ a month.

What do you get for becoming a paying subscriber:

  1. Access to all four weekly newsletters plus midweek resources: Apart from the weekly newsletters, you’ll get a midweek email that’ll help you with accountability and provide you with resources and templates you need to sustain your writing vigour during the week. I consume a ton of content on the internet, so see this as a midweek recharge.

  2. Guest Blogging opportunities with peers: Writing is one thing, getting people to read your work is another. One of the best ways to increase readership is through search engine optimization and guest blogging is a good way to increase your rankings. When you subscribe, you get paired with other subscribers who share similar interests. By writing on each other’s blog, you increase your audience and grow a following.

  3. Monthly zoom calls: Once a month, I’ll be hosting a live Q and A session where we can interact and share ideas. This session will also include live writing where I show you my writing process as well. Every other month, we will have another published writer on the chat.

  4. Support a budding Creator: Every penny you give goes a long way to support my dreams. I don’t plan on putting up this paywall any longer than December 2020, so I can continue to share my work for free. Funds from this newsletter will go into future projects that will impact others as well. Become a major part of my story❤️

  5. Editing and Writing support: I’ll take your work 100x more seriously and I’m happy to become your full-time editor. Send anything my way and we’ll transform your piece into masterful art. Writing alone isn’t enough to get better at it, you need critical feedback as well. In the process, your writing will improve dramatically and you will publish great work your audience will love and appreciate you for.

By becoming a paid subscriber, you’re basically hiring me — a relatively good writer to seek out, curate, and package useful writing tips from the internet for you, edit your articles and become your accountability partner for just 5$ a month. It’s the cheapest deal you’ll find on the internet fella.

So starting on 6th September, I’ll be writing about seven letters per month (Usual lessons every Sunday and a midweek update on Thursday) and If you decide to stay on the free plan, I’ve got you covered.

When you joined this community, I made a promise to share everything I’m learning with you and that won’t change. I’m still committed to you. So you’ll get two of the weekly newsletters and one of the midweek resources. No need to unsubscribe.

My end-goal is for each subscriber to have a physical achievement. Whether that’s an ebook, or manuscript or a consistent blog. After this newsletter ends, I’ll be starting another newsletter and it’ll be completely free.

Value precedes value and more importantly when you become invested in something, you’re likely to follow through. It’s like paying for a gym membership so you can take exercise seriously or paying for an online course so you’ll be more motivated to finish it. 5$ is your monthly reminder that you’re ready to do whatever it takes to birth your brilliance in writing.

Take a leap. Become a paid subscriber below

PS: You can save an additional 5$ by choosing the ‘yearly’ subscription. It’s for the next four months alone as we wrap up the newsletter by December. So If you’d rather pay for the entire four months, the yearly subscription gives you that option. Ignore it otherwise and go for the ‘monthly’ option.

Please reply this mail if you have any questions or with your blogging interests if you’ve turned on a paid subscription.

Next week, we begin lessons on the pillars of online writing. Grab your popcorn (or pen)

Keep writing,