WWA #3: The Power of Three

How to be a more engaging writer

Lesson 3! The final lesson in our groundwork on finetuning your mind into that of a writer. Now that you can pay attention and write for your soul, the next step is to be more engaging.

“The act of writing is intoxicating. It becomes more addicting the more you do it”. - Ernest Hemmingway

Writing Lesson of The Week:

Just do it. Veni Vidi Vici. Three-word sentences that mean something.

They convey a range of actions and emotion. You see it all over literature—'The Three little pigs’. ‘The Three Musketeers’. Why do you remember them so well?

Life itself is in threes - Spirit, Soul and Body.  Today, we'll learn how to use the ‘power of three’ to get over days when you feel like you have nothing to write.


What is the Rule of Three?

Culled from a masterclass article; The rule of three is a writing principle based on the idea that humans process information through pattern recognition. As the smallest number that allows us to recognize a pattern in a set, three can help us craft memorable phrases.

It's a technique that can turn you into an engaging writer when practised effectively.

Two examples of the rule of three

  • “The Three Little Pigs” (fable): The first little pig sets up the story by building his house of straw, which the wolf blows over. The same happens to the second pig’s stick house, creating a sense of anticipation. The third pig breaks the pattern when he builds his house out of bricks, pushing the fable’s resolution.

  • In The Silent Princess, a prince breaks a peasant woman's pitcher thrice, and is cursed; when he finds the silent princess, he must persuade her to speak thrice.

One way you can use the rule of three

  1. Three-part structure. Use a three-part structure to organize your writing. In the beginning, set things up. Then build anticipation, and finish with the punchline, resolution, or plot twist. For example, if you're writing an article from your perspective, use the character-conflict-resolution tactic.

    Introduce your perspective, show us the conflict(the problem you had/having) and then resolution(how you solved it/your new perspective). This strategy alone will transform your writing. Start paying attention to how other writers do this when you read new articles or books.

And when you feel stuck starting an article, all you need is thus:

Just three words. Three words and you have a sentence, Three sentences and you have an opening paragraph.

Three paragraphs and you have a hook

If you have a hook, you have a theme and the article writes itself over.

Also, remember that this is a rule, and like the rule of thirds in photography, it's meant to be broken for greater creative control. So use as you see fit.

Anytime you want to remember this rule to make your article more engaging, recite this to yourself

Omne Trium Perfectum.

Everything that comes in three is perfect. Use it to your advantage.

Writing Challenge of the week: Go back and read the opening three paragraphs beginning from the writing lesson. Study how I used the power of three to draw you in - In the opening line, the first three sentences and the first three paragraphs. I used it as well in the body, find it out. (I put It in italics so it’s easier for you, wink wink). Learn and Apply.

Two Quotes I'm inspired by: "A word after a word after a word is power." ~ Margaret Atwood

"Always be a poet, even in prose." ~ Charles Baudelaire

One Article you should read for further knowledge: The rule of three

Extra Tip for you: Own your Work. Cut out words like 'in my opinion'. We already know that. Say things as they are.

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Till next week (we’re spotlighting an author, excited!),

Keep writing,


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